Heavy Metal Flea Market at Black Sky Brewery

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Black Sky Brewery, 490 Santa Fe Dr, , Denver, CO 80204

The Heavy Metal Flea Market at Black Sky Brewery in Denver's Art District is a unique monthly event that brings together metal enthusiasts for a market experience like no other. From noon to 5 pm on the last Sunday of each month, over 10 vendors offer a variety of items, including vinyl records, vintage band shirts, handmade jewelry, and artwork. This lively gathering goes beyond just shopping—it's about community and connection. What's more, both entrance and vendor participation are free, creating an inclusive environment for all ages and interests. Located in the metal-friendly Black Sky Brewery, the event allows patrons to enjoy craft beers and food while they browse. The flea market is an established part of the local metal scene, encouraging regular engagement and a sense of belonging. It's an invitation to locals and visitors alike to join a tribe where music, merchandise, and metal culture converge.